Bree/Sirius Litter ~ July 18, 2011
Mungo ~ Red/Silver-Wh Male
Marius (Aslan)~ Red/Silver w/Wh Male
Muggle (Yeti)~ Shaded Cameo w/White Male
Marcus  (Pye) ~  Black Smoke Male
Merlin ~ Black Smoke w/Wh Male
Molly ~ Black Smoke Female
Moon~ Black Smoke w/Wh Female
Beachcoons Bree
Bree/Sirius Litter ~ March 12, 2012
Quigley ~ Black Smoke w/wh Male
Quirke~ Torti Smoke Female
Quill ~ Red Smoke w/wh Male
Grand Premier Shades-of-Quaffle
Shaded Cameo w/wh Male
Shades-of-Quaffle with owner Kristen and
me as he becomes a Grand Premier!!
Bree/Sirius Litter ~ January 2, 2013
Viktor/Dexter ~ Blk Smoke w/wh Male
Vinnie ~ Black Smoke w/wh Male
6 Months
Vinnie Joins
Brother and
Quaffle as a
PR Beachcoons Vincent on the Mark ~ 8 Months
Bree/Sirius Litter ~ July 27, 2013
Yeti ~ Red Smoke w/wh Male
Xeno/Bandit ~ Red Smoke Male
CFA PR Vinnie ~On his way to Grand Premier!!  Now a TICA GCH Alter
Bree/Sirius Litter ~ April 06, 2014
Emma/Faith~ Black Smoke Female
Enid/Grace~ Black Smoke Female
Ethelred~ Red Smoke w/white Male
Everard~ Black Smoke w/White Male
Elladora ~ Smoke Tortoiseshell Female    
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Quaffle is a Grand in CFA /Quad Grand in TICA too!!! He also won
Peoples Choice Award and 37th Maine Coon Nationally in 2014.
Bree/Mystere Litter ~ March 02, 2015
Japes ~ Red Smoke w/white Male
Jobberknoll~ Red Smoke w/Wh Male
Jocunda ~ Black Smoke Female
Jewkes ~ Red Smoke w/White Male
Jiggers ~ Black Smoke Male
J K ~ Black Smoke w/Wh Torti Female
Jinx ~ Calico Smoke Female