Premier Beachcoons Angel Gabriel
Beachcoons Males

Gabriel is our big,
wonderful, neutered  
male.  He's our official
greeter and loves
everyone, and everyone
loves him! He was our
first kitten and the  
beginning of Beachcoons
cattery.   He really is
an Angel.
Sire - Mysticoon's Logan of Maniac
Dam - Nixabillie's Aliceblue Lady
HCM  DNA  Negative 2007
3 Months
1 Year
3 Years
March 31, 2006
StrongSpirit Indigo of ManateeCoons
(Indy)    07-01-18
Solid Black
Sire:  Honeydevil Xtra Cool
Dam:  Volnacoon Oliva
Neg/Neg for the HCM mutation gene
Negative for PK Deficiency
Many thanks to Robert and Arlene of ManateeCoons for sharing their wonderful
Russian boy with us.  We look forward to creating beautiful kittens together.