Beachcoons Rena
Rena/Sirius  5-12-13
Wagtail ~ Solid Blue Male
Willow ~ Blue Torti Female
Wizard ~ Black Smoke Male
Weasley ~ Red Tabby Male
Winky ~ Black Smoke
Warlock ~ Cream
Solid Male
Rena/Sirius  11-08-13
Arabella ~ Black Smoke Female
Asha ~  Black Smoke Female
Altheda ~ Black Smoke Female
Amata ~  Smoke Torti Female
Arianna ~ Black Torti Female
Aberforth ~  Solid Blue Male
Alastor ~ Solid Black Male
Albus ~  Red/Silver Male
Arthur ~  Black Smoke Male
Princess Winky's portait was chosen for the Maryland
Watercolor  Society  and will be used throughout this year on all
their posters and brochures!!!
Rena/Diesel  07-24-14
Figg ~ Brown McTabby Female
Finnigan ~Red  Classic Tabby Male